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Jat Samaj UK

Jat Samaj in UK has had its presence since early 1960, however it took a organised structure on 17-Nov-2017.

Few of the early Jats settled in UK since 1960’s are Mr Kartar Singh, Mr Jai Singh Koak, Mrs Om Koak, Mr Dharampal Dudee, Mr Jai Prakash Mathur, Mrs Saroj Mathur, Mr Raj Singh Dabas, Mrs Krishna Dabas, Mr Azad Singh Deswal but its numbers have grown significantly in the last decade.

Jat Samaj UK was organised as a community group using WhatsApp platform and since then has grown many folds. Currently, group is big Kunba (कुंणबा) of 200+ members and still growing. Our community members are living across the UK including London, Birmingham, Leicester, Cardiff, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Belfast.


This group was formed with the solo vision of promoting our Jat Culture and to create an platform to support the community members.

Connecting Jats in UK:
Though Jats have been in UK since 1960s but they were not connected with all Jats within UK by any common means. With the help of technology and Jat Samaj UK, this is our vision to connect every Jat member in UK whether they have been living here for long or recently arrived in UK.

Promoting Jat Culture: Once community is connected, vision is to keep Jat Culture alive in adult generation who doesn’t get the time and platform to cherish their old memories; and also to educate and connect our younger generation with our culture and ingrain the sense of ‘Proud to be a Jat’ in them.

Supporting Community Members: Utilising this online platform, we wish that community members can support each other in their growth or in time of needs. We hope to have a dynamic mechanism where community members can reach out to suitable people for any support as well as can make their skills or expertise available to the community to support someone in the time of need.


Our goal is to attain our vision by achieving these goals:

Cultural Events: To organise regular cultural events every year where all community members can participate, mingle and extend their social circle. Main events would include celebrating festivals like Makar Sankranti, Holi, Teez and Diwali along with Cultural and Sports activities. Cultural activities would include Ragnis, Haryanvi Folk music and Dance, Children activities etc.

Platform: WhatsApp has helped us to get the community together. Now we are in process of having our presence on Social Media platforms and dedicated website to organise group events more efficiently and grandly. Also platform would help us to achieve our mission of supporting community members by having a dedicated module to support it.


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